No matter how much you love their critters, pet stains, especially on thick carpets, can be a cause for great worry. Isn’t it?

In fact, this is one of the most common problems that are encountered by everybody who has a pet at home. In addition to pet stains, the high and the thick carpets can also catch loosened fur and hair from the pet which might cause greater problems. A continued amount of such debris and pet hair can easily spoil the indoor ambiance of your house making it rather unhealthy.

Your house will continuously smell of animals, and it could also lead to a lot of unhealthy respiratory problems in the long run. Stained and dirty carpets caused by spilled food and drink items, also doesn’t look good, right?

This is when you require a solution to clean up all the mess that is happening around your precious carpets. It is certainly not possible to laundry wash carpets always, as the process is time taking and is also too expensive. But, a home appliance like a great carpet cleaner can work wonders in such cases. Carpet cleaners can work in a simple yet efficient manner with all types of shampoos and clean up mess and dirt from carpets easily.

Carpet cleaners are extremely useful for those households that have a carpeted floor or maximum carpet area indoors. Irrespective of the fact whether you have a pet or not, spilling of food and drinks on the carpet can happen at any time. Again dust and dirt also accumulate on these carpets over a span of time. This is where the carpet cleaners become very important. They don’t just help to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of your house, but also make sure to retain the quality of the carpet over a span of time.

Let us here take a look at some of the best models of carpet cleaners that are doing their rounds in the market.

BISSELL Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, 1400B

This light and portable carpet cleaner are one of the winner models from the house of Bissell. Its super strong spray and suction power help to clean off all kinds of stains from the carpets and redeem it as good as new. You can easily move around with it from one place to another, cleaning thoroughly.

It has been equipped with a motor that requires an input of 2.75 amps. When it comes to electricity consumption rate, this carpet cleaner is a great one recommended for long-term use. It has a cord length of 15 ft which will help you reach out to every nook and corner of the carpet and also your curtains and the other upholstery of the house. The handheld cleaner has been provided with additional accessories such as a motor, brush and a hose.

The effective designing of this appliance allows you to clean as well as dry the carpet in a single stroke. Whether you have a large mess at hand or a very trivial spill, the Bissell Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner is at your disposal. There are also tough stain brushes that can be used for scrubbing off stain marks from the carpet. The product comes with a one year warranty.



  • The product is made of 50% plastic weighing only 12lb.
  • Comes with many accessories like brush and a hose


  • Difficult to maintain

Hoover Carpet Cleaner SteamVac with Clean Surge Carpet Cleaner Machine F5914900-

This carpet cleaner is designed to clean carpets and upholstery in your house successfully. It runs on the spin scrub technology and brushes help to remove dust and dirt which accumulate on thick carpet. This cleaner has a powerful 12 amp motor that makes very heavy cleaning very easy and completes in no time. Additionally, the dual task of cleaning and that of drying of the machine is done at the same time. Wherever there is heavy stain the cleaner adds more water and detergent for better cleaning. The appliance also has high-velocity suction which helps to extract dirt water and also the excess detergent efficiently. The process of drying is also enhanced due to this feature.

Apart from dust, you can also get rid of hard to dodge stains and smells from your carpet. If you wish to invest in a truly high end and ace cleaning appliance, then the Hoover SteamVac can be a fantastic buy. This machine is not just great for making your carpets spick and span, along with the upholstery, but it can also be used to clean the stairs equally nicely. It also comes with a forced heat feature for fast and ready drying of carpets, while you are cleaning.



  • Multi-directional brushes for cleaning
  • Cleaning and drying happens simultaneously
  • Great for cleaning staircase


  • Expensive
  • Heavy body

BISSELL SpotBot Pet Handsfree Spot and Stain Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, 33N8A

This portable carpet cleaner is one hell of a smart cleaner! This is an appliance that can be set to a pre-programmed cleaning mode and then you can leave it to do other work! Now does that sound too good to be true? Well, rejoice because that is exactly what this amazing appliance can deliver.

It makes for a complete and thorough cleaning that reaches down to the very base of the carpet. It has a dimension of 9w x 17d x 13.50h. When you use this machine, you can be 99.9% sure of getting rid of pet odor and stain. This can also help to make the interiors of your house much cleaner and also healthy for all members of your family. The guest would not even know that you have a pet at home. The feature of the Microban also helps to fight against different types of harmful bacteria, mildew, and mold. It has 16 ft cord that allows you to move around a larger area without limiting your scope.

However, this model is lightweight, which makes it very easy for you to maneuver the machine. Moreover, you can clean your carpeted stairs very deeply with this product. It comes with a warranty period of one year.



  • Automatic
  • Great for those who are prone to allergy and respiratory troubles
  • Great for houses having pets


  • Not great on old stains

BISSELL Little Green ProHeat Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, 14259-

The Bissell Little Green preheat Portable Carpet, and Upholstery cleaner is another excellent product from the house of Bissell. As the name of the model suggests, this model comes in a design that is super chic and also very compact. This makes the appliance super user-friendly while making it easy to store. You can conveniently carry it from one place to another since it has a remarkably light body. It provides a thorough cleaning of the carpets as well as upholstery. Irrespective of the nature of the dust and the dirt or even if there is animal litter or spills of coffee or drinks, this carpet cleaner can apply its cutting-edge technology to suck off all dirt and grime and return amazingly clean results.

It also comes with a strong motor with strong suction. But, interestingly, it is smart enough to consume low electricity, so there is no worry of huge electricity expenses.



  • Longer length of cord Works noiselessly
  • Works noiselessly
  • Low electricity consumption rate


  • Suction could be more powerful
  • Brush does not scrub effectively

Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro Carpet Deep Cleaner, FH50220-

This machine is another super effective one when it comes to cleaning of stains and smells from your carpet. The appliance has a strong built motor that intelligently agitates the hair and the dander of the pet, and hence they can be sucked in into the machine. The machine can also apply water and detergent for effective cleaning of wet patches. This is a great way again through which you can get rid of coffee and tea stains or spills of other types. The Hoover Max Extract can also help to get rid of the unwanted odor and smell and hence can leave your house feeling fresh and germ-free. This is especially suitable for people who tend to develop an allergy or respiratory problems from fine dust particles and pet hair. To drive away the harmful effects, this carpet cleaner can come in very handy.

It also has a long cord which allows freedom of movement while you are busy cleaning your entire house. Additionally, you can also dry the carpet while cleaning it, at a single go. Therefore, the bristles and the weaves of the carpet feel soft and fresh. The appliance is offered with a warranty period of one year, make sure to check it if you want to buy this model.



  • Compact size and weight
  • Lesser drying time


  • Smaller water tank

What are the advantages and disadvantages of carpet cleaners?

The best carpet cleaners can be an asset to your household. Lets us take a look at how:

  • Carpet cleaners are the best when it comes to cleaning and maintaining cleanliness of carpets
  • Carpet cleaners offer the fastest and most effective way to get rid of dust, greasy stains and pet hairs from carpets
  • The whole process is overall very economical. Sending huge carpets for dry wash at the laundry is inconvenient and very expensive
  • Carpet cleaners keep the indoors allergen free by getting rid of any microorganism and mites that might cause discomfort and cause respiratory troubles in people.

However, the only drawback seems to be that to get maximum efficiency; you have to shell out much more than for regular vacuum cleaners.


Buying a carpet cleaner is worth all your money if you have major spaces inside your house that are covered by carpet. The carpet cleaners fare much better than conventional vacuum cleaners when it comes to deep cleaning your carpets. Deep cleaning of carpets is essential to make sure that both, health and hygiene, as well as aesthetics, are maintained.

But with the huge variety of carpet cleaners now available it is recommended that you check out the multitudes of review sites. Read up on the comparisons of various models to form a clear idea of the various features and the facilities available with different brands. This can help you set expectations for your carpet cleaner and derive you value for money.